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Every single physical thing that you do is either going to trend us towards sickness and disease or health and wellness. So what happens a lot of times is when someone is in severe pain, they’ll come into the office and they say, Doc, I don’t know what happened. I just woke up this way. I didn’t do anything. Now of course, in order to have an injury, something had to have happened. It doesn’t happen overnight just like that. It’s a layering effect of every physical thing you’ve ever done.

Think about the human body in a sense of a pendulum. We’re either swinging towards silk sickness and disease or towards health and wellness. And every single physical thing that you do, every slip, every fall, every be picking up a little kid, every exercise is either going to trend us towards sickness and disease or health and wellness. It’s up to us to have enough of those positive things in our lives to bring us closer and closer to health and wellness. But a patient walks in and says, I don’t know what I did. And then they come in and they’re hurting. They’re wearing a neck brace or something like that. And I’m like, no, no, let’s get that off of there. That’s not going to do you any good. Restricting movement is not going to heal what we need to heal. And adjustment is focused to rehabilitate and correct the problem.

Going to an emergency situation like a neck brace or an emergency Chiropractic adjustment by itself, one singular event is not going to fix a decade or more of changes that have happened in the body. It takes time to do full correction, and that’s what we do here in our practice. An adjustment can help with the full correction of your problem, but it does take time. Why don’t you check us out, click the link and learn more about how an adjustment and our type of services can help you.

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