Integrative Medicine

What is it?

Integrative medicine is a branch of healthcare that helps your body heal faster naturally by creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace damaged tissues that may have occurred due to age, disease, injury, or congenital defects. Groundbreaking research in this field has shown the sheer power of the human body to heal itself when equipped with the right ammunition. By replacing, engineering, and regenerating human cells, tissues and organs, we make sure the body finds a way to restore to its normal function.

How do we do it?


    We use a combination of umbilical cord tissues and Wharton’s jelly that helps elicit the movement of your body’s cells. The purpose is to attract the body’s own mechanism to naturally heal tissues faster only around the areas injected. The cells are sourced from mothers who donate a part of their umbilical cord after giving birth. The mother’s genealogy is mapped as well as comprehensive testing is done on the cells before being used. These natural compounds are injected into the affected area to ensure higher bioavailability and efficacy.

  • Peptides

    We use a sequence of amino acid chains that have been sterilely compounded to elicit a desired response. These can help the body naturally heal conditions like osteoarthritis, growth imbalance, joint injuries, exhaustion, weight loss, aging, and more issues systemically.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    After drawing blood from your body, we separate the nutrient-rich platelets that help your body heal from the red blood cells. We then inject the PRP back into the joint allowing your body to heal faster.

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