Integrative Medicine

What is it?

Integrative medicine is a branch of healthcare that helps your body heal faster naturally by creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace damaged tissues that may have occurred due to age, disease, injury, or congenital defects. Groundbreaking research in this field has shown the sheer power of the human body to heal itself when equipped with the right ammunition. By replacing, engineering, and regenerating human cells, tissues and organs, we make sure the body finds a way to restore to its normal function.

How do we do it?


    We use tissues harvested from the umbilical cord (after a healthy baby birth) that helps elicit the regenerative process of your body. The purpose is to attract the body’s own mechanism to naturally heal tissues faster around the treated areas.  There is extensive testing done on the cells before being available for use in our patients.


Think of ‘designer’ amino acids. An amino acid is a chemical ‘switch’ that turns ON and OFF specific body functions.  By increasing the ‘switches’ we have an opportunity to heal faster and to a greater degree. These can help the body naturally heal conditions like growth imbalance, joint injuries, exhaustion, weight loss, aging, and more issues.


Platelet Rich Plasma is the fluid that surrounds your blood and contains the healing elements of your body. By drawing some of your blood, spinning it down to recover the concentrated plasma (clear amber colored fluid) we then inject your PRP back into the tissues or joint allowing your body to heal faster. Whether a chronic knee problem called osteoarthritis or a new shoulder injury, we can help improve and accelerate your healing.

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