Seminole Integrative Medicine is a fully equipped Regenerative Medical office staffed with experienced professionals who have advanced training in a variety of specialties. When you visit our office, you will be offered a full range of treatment options appropriate.

Dr. Naveed Shafi

Supervising Physician

Board Certified and Fellowship Trained in Sports Medicine

Specializing in Primary Care Sports Medicine, Neck and Back Pain, Traumatic Injury Rehabilitation

Dr. Naveed Shafi received his Board Certification in Sports Medicine in 2003 and has been practicing Sports Medicine and Non-surgical Orthopedics ever since. After earning his M.D., he completed his residency and board certification at the Cleveland Clinic, where he participated as one of the team physicians for the Florida Panthers NHL hockey team, Florida Bobcats professional arena football team, and the Miami Fusion MLS professional soccer team. In addition, his residency experience includes work with Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, the Special Olympics, and various high schools.
Dr. Shafi completed fellowship and board certification in Primary Care Sports Medicine at the University of South Carolina, where he served as a team physician for the all 19 of the USC Fighting Gamecocks Division I athletic teams, the Capital City Bombers professional baseball team, the Columbia City Ballet, and several community sponsored road races. He has served as physician for several NCAA championship and Olympic Athletes as well.

He has joined Seminole Integrative Medicine to bring his knowledge and expertise in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, for non-surgical orthopedics in the form of Stem Cell and Peptide therapies for joint and tissue healing and pain management as well as in the field of Physical Medicine for neck, back, hip and shoulder pain and injury management, caused by traumatic
injuries of a Car Accident or Sports Trauma or from the degenerative effects of older injury and malfunction.

Dr. Shafi enjoys all aspects of health and fitness in his professional and personal life, and is known by his patients and staff as a charismatic physician that devotes quality time to his patients.

Dr. Richard Bocco

Chiropractic Physician

Clinic Director

Dr. Richard Bocco is a 1988 graduate of Palmer University, College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA where he began his post graduate professional career as a Clinical Teaching Resident, assisting in the development of future Doctors of Chiropractic,
at Palmer University.

Dr. Bocco returned to his childhood home in Central Florida in 1990, opening and operating 5 medically integrated practices providing Regenerative Physical Medicine and Wellness orientated care to the community.

In his almost 30 years in practice, Dr. Bocco has shared his clinical experience of over 10,000 patients to help train many new Doctors of Chiropractic, to help them develop the skills and procedures necessary to be a positive impact on the health of
the community. He also has lectured extensively on the topics of Health, Wellness and Nutrition to thousands of Wellness Coaches throughout Florida and the United States.

As an Integrated Medical practice, providing both Functional and Medical services in a natural and minimally invasive manner, he is an advocate for the most natural approach to patient care, to treat the true cause of a health issue and not simply the
reaction to that issue (called a symptom).

A J Piovesan, PA-C

Certified Physicians Assistant

Ani Casanova

Office Manager