Spinal CordSeminole Integrative Medicine was founded on the premise that your body can and will heal…. and it does so from within!

Utilizing the foundational healthcare strategies from years of chiropractic and physical medicine practice and combining them with the more recent technologies of regenerative medicine, an integrative approach to your health needs has been created. This allows us to continue to focus on the cause of your particular health concern while accelerating your ability to heal to your optimum ability.

Bottom line…. the days of only masking your pain, which allowed your disease to continue to progress, are gone!

Patients are now more savvy as it pertains to their own personal health. Recognizing the benefit of seeking a different path fromĀ  the “traditional medical” model of drugs only, to actually becoming healthier through better services, those that address the actual problem as well as strategies for better nutrition and lifestyle to keep us healthy.

As you become a patient member of Seminole Integrative Medicine, you will receive a personally tailored a wellness program specifically targeted to your unique and individual needs

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